Kearney High Bearcats Wrestling

2020 Offseason Challenge – Quarantine Edition

Goal: Become a better student of the sport by watching as many high-level matches as possible.
Find some high-level matches on YouTube or Flowrestling and watch the match.
• Go to and submit matches.
• Limit to 3 matches each day. The goal is to watch matches each day.
• Open to any Kearney High or Kearney Matcat Wrestler.
• Challenge ends when we can get back in the wrestling room!
• Matches must be college or higher levels.
• Must be a full match. (No Highlights)
• Top Kearney High and Matcat wrestler will each a custom Kwrestling Headgear.
• T-shirts & other prizes will be awards to other top wrestlers!

YouTube Channels:
USA Wrestling
UWW Wrestling

Submit Matches Below

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