Kearney High Bearcats Wrestling

Fundraiser Q&A

Q: What is this fundraiser for?
A: We are raising funds to put up all new state medalist and state champion plaques in our wrestling room at the new High School.

Q: How can I donate?
A: You can donate online or print a donation form and send it in.

Q: How do I receive my old sign?
A: When donating, select that you would like to receive your old sign and fill our the information that follows.

Q: Can someone donate and request to get a sign that is not theirs?
A: Our goal is to get the signs to the wrestlers or the wrestlers family that earned the sign. However you can elect to sponsor a wrestlers sign and we will get it to that wrestler.

Q: When will the signs be delivered?
A: Sometime this spring after the current season is over we will start to remove them from the walls and send them off. We will be contacting the donors at that time to find the best way for them to receive their sign.

Q: Will only the people who donate get a new sign put up in the new wrestling room?
A: No. Will will be getting new signs for all past state medalist.

Q: Is there a specific amount that I need to donate in order to receive my sign.
A: No, there is no set amount, it is a free will donation.

Q: What will the signs at the new school look like?
A: We are going to keep that same Nebraska look and update them to match the new wrestling room.

Q: When is the deadline to donate?
A: Currently there is no set deadline. However our goal is to have raised the funds by the end of the school year so we have time to order and put the new signs up in the new school by the start of the 2016-17 school year.

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